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  • Dealership Contacts (888) 800-1052
    • Chris Dimmer Photo
      Chris Dimmer
      General Manager
    • Andy Burns Photo
      Andy Burns
      Used Car Manager
    • Greg Daggett Photo
      Greg Daggett
      New Car Manager
    • Quinn Nofzinger Photo
      Quinn Nofzinger
      Sales Manager
    • Bill Tusler Photo
      Bill Tusler
      Sales Manager
    • Kory Schneider Photo
      Kory Schneider
      Sales Manager
    • Scott Thurik Photo
      Scott Thurik
      Sales Consultant
    • Zack Thompson Photo
      Zack Thompson
      Sales Consultant
    • Mike  Mielke Photo
      Mike  Mielke
      Sales Consultant
    • Anthony Erti Photo
      Anthony Erti
      Sales Consultant
    • Nate Earl Photo
      Nate Earl
      Sales Consultant
    • Gabriele Mazzotta Photo
      Gabriele Mazzotta
      Sales Consultant
  • Service (877) 272-3649
    • Cory Wiegert Photo
      Cory Wiegert
      Service Manager
    • Claire DuPont Photo
      Claire DuPont
      Express Lube Manager
    • Charlie Lauer Photo
      Charlie Lauer
      Service Advisor
    • Gavin Roycraft Photo
      Gavin Roycraft
      Service Advisor
    • Ben Smolinski Photo
      Ben Smolinski
      Service Advisor
    • Jesus Sanchez Photo
      Jesus Sanchez
      Service Advisor
    • Erika Vanevenhoven Photo
      Erika Vanevenhoven
      Service Advisor
    • Caitlin Sullivan Photo
      Caitlin Sullivan
      Lube Advisor
    • David Wood Photo
      David Wood
      Lube Advisor
    • Robby Robinson Photo
      Robby Robinson
      Body Shop Manager
  • Parts (888) 800-1052
    • Rob Erll Photo
      Rob Erll
      Parts Manager
  • Finance Department (888) 800-1052
    • Patrick Weiss Photo
      Patrick Weiss
      Financial Services Manager
    • Aaron Grove Photo
      Aaron Grove
      Financial Services Manager

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